Shaheen Afridi is hopeful of winning PSL

Shaheen Afridi is hopeful of winning PSL once again

Shaheen Afridi is hopeful of winning PSL

Shaheen Afridi said that some Players have NOC issue, Rajapaksa also didn’t get NOC, it feels good to play in front of home crowd.

The captain of Lahore Qalandars further said that the fans have supported, it was hoped that this time the final will be held in Lahore but it is happening in Karachi.

He said that it is good for Naseem Shah that he is coming back to form, I hope that the fast bowler will perform well and come back to the National team.

Shaheen Afridi also said

Shaheen Afridi also said that it is an honor to captain the Pakistan cricket team, we played well in New Zealand but the result was not good.

He said that it is not enough to be good at batting and bowling, fielding also needs to be improved.

The biggest problem in PSL 9 is the NOC of the players. A big issue is made.

Pakistan Cricket Board is not issuing NOC

Just as Pakistan Cricket Board is not issuing NOC to its players for franchise leagues of other countries, similarly other countries are not issuing NOC to players in Pakistani PSL.
Due to which fans are facing disappointment in PSL.

PSL 9| Commentary panel Announced

Afridi has expressed his disappointment on shifting the final match to Karachi.
And at the same time happy that PSL is happening in Pakistan.

Shaheen Afridi expressed

Shaheen Shah Afridi expressed good hope about Naseem Shah’s fitness and said that Pakistan appreciates Naseem Shah’s services for the cricket team and is looking forward to his return.

Talking about the captaincy

Talking about the captaincy, Shaheen Shah Afridi has said that it is an honor to captain Pakistan. In New Zealand we worked hard to play good cricket but the results did not come. He added that the batting and bowling were good.
And all the players have to play together for the sake of the country.

Shaheen Afridi said that captaining the Pakistan cricket team is a very difficult job, that’s why you have to bear criticism and we try to give hundred percent in the team, but the result is Allah’s. Gives.

Shaheen has also praised

Shaheen has also praised Babar Rizwan in his press conference.
The captain looked excited for Lahore and his body language was very good.

Ever since Shaheen Afridi was made the captain of Lahore Qalandar, victories have become the destiny of Lahore Qalandar.

Afridi also praised Pakistan fans and said that the fun of playing in their own ground is different. It is an honor to represent your team in the country.

Shaheen who is representing

The team captain of the team, Shaheen who is representing Lahore in the PSL and is the captain of Lahore Qalandar, is optimistic about the success of Lahore in the PSL and sees Lahore going to the finals.
Six teams are participating in PSL in which every team has good players but Lahore Qalandar is looking the best team because its captain is enthusiastic.

TV channels and media persons

Shaheen Afridi while speaking to various TV channels and media persons has claimed that he will take Lahore Bulandt to the finals and will try hard to play good cricket.
The clash between Lahore Qalandar and Karachi Kings is a very high standard of cricket

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