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Mohammad Amir is not thinking of returning to international cricket

Mohammad-amir Fast Bowler 

Pakistan Super League franchise Quetta Gladiators fast bowler mohammad amir says that currently he has no intention of returning to international cricket, he is enjoying playing in the leagues. mohammad-amir

Speaking to Geo News in Multan, mohammad amir said that if he did not play cricket, he would have lost international cricket. I am enjoying the leagues cricket and am very happy.

He also said that he did not think about returning to international cricket, whether he is getting the green signal to return or not, only Allah knows better. International cricket is not on my mind.

Mohammad-Aamir said that selectors

Aamir said that selectors should not limit their selection only to PSL.

Talking about Shaheen Afridi, mohammad amir said that Shaheen Shah Afridi is back from injury, he will have to give time, his speed has been seen in PSL matches.

He said that unless Shaheen Afridi does long spells, rhythm will not come, long spells give confidence, forgotten lessons are remembered.

Shaheen Afridi’s rhythm will not come

He also said that Shaheen Afridi’s rhythm will not come from four overs but from a longer spell. Shaheen is a professional bowler and has no pressure of captaincy. It is a false impression that his bowling has changed because of his captaincy.

Mohammad amir said that Lahore Qalandars are missing Rashid Khan, he was their main bowler.

On the question about Haris Rauf, mohammad amir said that Haris will answer himself regarding his performance. His case is going on in PCB, he can tell better himself.

Mohammad-amir Talking about the T20

Talking about the T20 format and his performance in it, Aamir said that an influential role is very important in T20, I try to make an impact in the match.

“More important than taking a wicket is whether you have the ball or the over but it is influential. If the team needs a dot ball at that moment, I will do the dot ball,” he said. There will be no wicket unless you dot the ball.

He also said that if the player scores a century and the team loses the match, what is the use? If a bowler takes five wickets but gives 50 runs, what is the use? So my focus is not on the wicket but on playing an effective role in the match.

Mohammad-amir Fast Bowler said that:

Fast Bowler said that:

The fast bowler said that many fast bowlers are coming in Pakistan, some are bowling at 145 and some are bowling at 140 but the bowling smarts are lacking among the young fast bowlers.

He said that the young bowlers of Multan do not know when to bowl, smart bowling will come when you play red ball cricket.

He said that a bowler learns a lot from red ball cricket at the domestic level.

Talking about Quetta Gladiators, Mohammad Amir said that Quetta Gladiators have won three consecutive matches, not first. When you win three matches in a row, the playoff chances also increase.

Talking about Sarfaraz, Aamir said that Sarfaraz Ahmed is not worried about captaincy, he is a team man, the role of team management was very important before the start of the event.

Quetta Gladiators have professional management, they are credited for playing a good role after the change of captaincy.

Mohammad-amir Former player

Former player Mohammad Amir, who has been away from contact with the Pakistan Cricket Board, has not yet expressed any intention to return to international cricket. They perform in leagues and enjoy their cricket because Pakistan Cricket Board doesn’t easily issue NOC to those who are not included in Pakistan Central Conduct due to which players are not getting international cricket. .

They are showing their performance by playing in the leagues and are also earning a good amount from the league but the Pakistan Cricket Board neither includes these players in their plan nor issue NOC to them.

Fed up with the reason, Muhammad Amir showed patience and announced his retirement, but from time to time there are news that Muhammad Amir is being included in the team again, but like Muhammad Amir every time, this time he returned to international cricket. has not revealed his intention and has said that he is happy playing league cricket and is calm and satisfied with his performance.

Mohammad-amir Some former Pakistan players

Some former Pakistan players

He is trying hard to bring in international cricket, but Mohammad Amir, the former chairman of the cricket board, was very disappointed and announced his retirement. Some former Pakistan players have also come forward to bring him back, but Mohammad Amir has currently refused to bring him back to international cricket.

Talking to Geo News Channel, Mohammad Amir said that if he did not play cricket, he would have lost international cricket. I am enjoying the league cricket and I am very happy, excited and satisfied. Enjoy Leagues is in the match

Aamir believes that in leagues where you play without any pressure and give your 100%, you don’t have that much pressure and you get into the top leagues because of your performance.

Now this change has come in cricket. And instead of international cricket, players are now devoting more time to leagues as they get respectable employment in it and a good opportunity to showcase their skills.

Mohammad-amir also talked about Shaheen

Mohammad Amir also talked about Shaheen Shah Afridi Talking about Shaheen Shah Afridi Mohammad Aamir said that Shaheen Shah Afridi is back from injury and he needs to give time to his speed in PSL matches. .

Which is why they are not proving to be special as they need some time to get fit when they come off injury. Shaheen Afridi has to reduce his time burden and focus on his cricket. Mohammad Amir revealed about Shaheen Afridi and also said that unless Shaheen Afridi plays a long spell, he cannot get back into rhythm.

Playing long spells gives the bowlers confidence and remembers forgotten lessons. He also said that Shaheen Afridi’s rhythm will not come from four overs but from a long spell. Shaheen is a professional bowler and should take the captaincy. There is no pressure. It is a false impression that his bowling has changed because of his captaincy.

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